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We offer out of box thinking solutions to perennial problems at workplace. Retail service industries, Pharma/ chemical industries, service industries can best benefit from us. We simplify, optimize and reorganize procedures, SOPs, batch-sheets & systems in workplaces (plants).

We innovate workplace to reduce workforce and or time. The solutions offered are so obvious that they become self-explanatory and simple to They are low cost, holistic & easy to implement & are sustainable.

Recent success stories
Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers

Task : To reduce customer waiting time at cash counter and enhance customer delight.

1.  Waiting time reduced by 28.5%, saving 67 seconds from 4 min. to 2 min 48 seconds. Now cashier can handle 20 customers / hr. Earlier it was 15 customers / hr.

2. Jobs at cash counter are reduced by 23.22% from 54 to 43 by eliminating, simplifying or delegating 11 jobs.

Jute cloth prevented soil erosion
Earthen Bandhara`s soil erosion was arrested with using thrown away Jute cloth of Rs 1800/- instead of stone pitching Rs 50,000/- , Saving 48,000/-.. Stone pitching is age old method. This we all know at sideways of elavated railway tracks.

Advantages of Jute cloth over stone pitching

1. Jute cloth allowed water to percolate though it,
2. It allowed soil to breathe to help mitochondria to grow which holds soil together,
3. Being eco friendly no harm to nature
4. Low cost, and of no value so no threat from stealing.
5. Only 5% of labor required than stone pitching.

Eliminating the root element - ladder removed solution implemented.

Simple solution, eliminate the ladder, then no more access to death.

-  Simple solution to big problem. Saving 150 lives/ year by charring due to overhead local train wires.
-  Eliminate the ladder, then no more access to death.
-  The true cause is access to the top. Announcements, railway police cannot stop people from risking their life.
-  The only solution is to eliminate the access, the ladder. In India it can not happen as free access is kept and people are
      requested not to use it.
  - The suggestion was given to railways in Jan 2013 and they have accepted it.

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