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Product design

We innovate products. We are registered member of Design Clinic Scheme a govt initiative for promoting product development and innovation in SMEs & MSMEs. We ideate, design and make smart-n-simple equipment, products and tools. We innovate the present ones or make new.
Chemical /Pharma / household consumer product manufacturers can best benefit from us.

Product development.
1) Auto sampler for pathological /HPLC instrument
This was developed by using inkjet printer technology. The auto sampler is import substitute here in India. To use printer technology was my idea. Instrumentation was done by fresher.
2) Sugar cane juicer for shops
The multiple feeding of sugarcane in juice shops is eliminated by our new innovated juicer. We have only made small but innovative changes. The basice machine is same. This way the OEM does not have to change the basic manufacturing system. Does not have to invest for new machinery or train workmen.
3) Sugarcane pilling machine
We have designed sugarcane pilling machine. The retail juice shops are facing labour problem for manually pilling the sugarcane bar. The machine we have developed is simple and without any sensors. The ordinary shop vendor can very well use it. The parts are all replaceable at the user end only.
4) Thermocol shredder
We have designed thermocol shredder. There are some imported or Indian makes in market. But ours is simple low cost and easy to use.

Chapati making machine. We are in process of innovating chapati making process of one wholesaler of chapatis. Machines are available in market but they are expensive and chapatis made are not like that are made at home.

Safety solution in chemical plant
1) Matrix for quantifying hazardousness of procedure or chemical in plant.
I have designed matrix for safety during hazardous chemical use and disposal. This matrix following things are addressed
a) Quantifies the safety problem
b) Locates the area concerned
c) Uncovers many unknown areas of concern.
d) Makes easy for solution providers to offer the solution.

2) Carbon disulfide (highly flammable when in contact with air) handling problem.
Major safety issue solved which was unattended for 14 years. The pipe transfer of CS2 had major flaw which was overlooked for almost 14 years. The possibility of leakage of chemical was addressed through corrective and preventive measure. But curative measure after the leakage was not thought of. A very simple to implement and low cost system was suggested for after leak care.

3) Human factor analysis in Safety
A write up and PP is prepared. This PP addresses role of human nature, anxiety, fear of boss in safety. At workplace accidents happen due to machine failure or human errors. Human errors are triggered by overconfidence, negligence, anxiety ( human nature). The causes and effects and solutions to these causes are addressed.

1) By using two wheeler stand reduced work load from 2 to 1 operator and also ease in dispensing from liquid holding tank.

Process Innovation.
I had redesigned the process operation of chemical reaction. The Chemical process was two operator continuous monitoring operation. There were three variables flow of coolant, rate of addition of chemical, temp of coolant. All the three variables were standardised.
And the end result of redesigning the process with simple changes in controls as follows.
1) Uniform temperature
2) Almost no human interference to control temperature,
3) Reduced electrical pump use,
4) Electrical saving,
5) Liquid Nitrogen saving,
6) Reduced from two operator operation to one operator operation.
All this without any additional investment without any additional instrumentation or automation but by standardising the variables like pump flow, controlled uniform cooling by liq. Nitrogen calibrating the addition vessels for uniform addition.

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