About Us

Our team includes 2 mechanical Engineers, 1 Chemical Engineer , 1 AutoCADD expert and naturally myself. We eliminate root causes of challenges. As every challenge you are facing is different solution we offer is different. It saves cost, time, efforts and many important resources, in your business,

We help you identify waste in time, raw material or finished products. We eliminate all such waste. Thus you save more, earn more and grow more.

Our USP is low cost, easy to implement permanent solutions.

Invited by United Nations for the conference on desert mitigation in Germany.

Manish Patil had researched Sahara desert water crisis and holistic solution to bring lakhs of liters of fresh water in desert. The solution is low cost scalable and replicable on all desert coast. It requires zero watt energy, local raw material , no man power to execute. Mr. Manish Patil had submitted paper to united Nations in 2013. I was invited for the conference on desert mitigation in Germany.

Manish Patil reached all India level semifinal in Competition launched by Economic Times. Juries were IIT Mumbai, IIM Banglore. The idea project was greening hill tops by spraying seeds by remote controlled or actual aeroplanes.

How we do it ?

We approach every challenge at workplace (plant) with empty mind. Our approach is free from any prejudices, conceptions or misconceptions. We continue to dig till root cause of challenge is unearthed. We then eliminate this root cause by one simple solution.

The solutions offered are so obvious that they become self-explanatory and simple to understand. We stay with client till the solution is implemented and results are seen.

Why we do what we do?

Because we enjoy doing it. We have the knowledge, inborn talent and confidence to do it. We find pleasure in our work. We dream to be known as Leonardo the Vinci of 22nd century.


We eat, sleep and breathe innovation. It is 24/7, 365 days pleasure.

Mahatech Industrial Exhibition 2016 Pune
Our team at our stall Manish Patil listening about problems of clients
Booking stall for next year Simple Ideas and Mahatech team together
People waiting in queue to discuss their problems Different problems different solutions

Contact Us
Office Address : Flat No. 13, Mayur Society,  Ram Maruti Road, Thane - 400602 Maharashtra, (India) Phone : +(91)-(22)- (022) 25414484
Cell : +(91)-(22) 9322596283

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